30 years of passion

in the pursuit ofhealing the body naturally


After being deeply influenced by a Reflexologist I met in my late teens I trained as a Reflexologist in 2004 with advanced techniques using the Eunice Ingham method for the feet. I have since gone on to further my techniques and combine my knowledge with natural immunity.

For the past 30 years and more I have had an unwavering passion in the pursuit of healing the body naturally. As a young child upon hearing what a dietician was, I told my Mum that when I grew up I was going to help people ‘get better’. Then at the age of 14, a chronic illness within my family initiated my deep interest in the truth about natural immunity and healing.

Reflexology is applied pressure to areas of the feet that correlate to our organs, glands and bones and can help bring about a state of deep relaxation and initiate the body’s own healing process. It can improve circulation, boost the immune system, and help return the body to a state of balance and well-being. 

Whilst continuing to use the original Ingham method I have advanced my knowledge of the positive outcomes that can take place by working on the feet. Not only are the areas on the feet connected to the physical and psychological body, the chakra and some meridian points are found there too meaning the energetic body and field may also be stimulated.

Using your physical and emotional profile I also use the power of essential oils to enhance the treatment via a room humidifier and directly on the feet when appropriate. My foot creams are made by me and all products I use are organic including my cotton towels. 

Using my intuition and knowledge in natural immunity I apply the art of Reflexology to help bring back balance to the body, mind and soul.

Reflexology is not intended to diagnose or ‘cure’ instead it is used to stimulate the body’s natural healing process to help bring about balance and homeostasis within.