Where Will the Treatment Take Place?

Where Will the Treatment Take Place?

Your treatment can take place at the following:

  • Samsara Massage, Marbella (Yoga & Massage Studio), located in Benamara close to San Pedro, Malaga. Easy parking.
  • My treatment room in Estepona, located between Casares and Estepona. Easy parking.
  • At your home. I can travel between Marbella and San Roque. 

Please Whatsapp me for more information and booking a free phone consultation on +44 7976 637 171.

When having the treatment at your home, please allow 10 minutes before and after the treatment for me to set up and put away the portable equipment respectively.  These include a portable reclining chair and stool.  Please provide a small side table/stool or chair where creams etc can be put. Thank you.

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